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Kathryn Brewer has over 20 years of leading change in the Information Technology field through her unique application of knowledge, processes and people.

Her game-changing contributions with organizational partners include leading roles in operational and process improvement, project and change management, as well as instructional design & training delivery.

While still working diligently in the Information Technology field, Kathryn is now bridging both her professional and personal life by championing Neurodiversity in many arenas, including the workplace.  Her goal is to be and lead the change needed to create a workplace where neurodiverse individuals are not only welcomed but sought after for their expertise and unique perspectives.

As a 30 year veteran of local government, James AJamesArmstrong.jpgrmstrong brings his expertise in service to smaller communities.  He believes in "moving-the-needle" for these organizations through the use of targeted, effective and easy-to-use GIS technology.

His collaboration and leadership efforts have helped to increased GIS Education through association with volunteer GIS Professional organizations.

 He understands the importance of teamwork and provides an atmosphere of professionalism to any endeavor.  He appreciates that relationships are built one step at a time.  By developing working partnerships with individuals and organizations, he helps to strengthen the ability to create win-win outcomes.​